Do you want to get out of debt? Then you need to set up a debt elimination plan. A debt elimination plan is easy to set up, but difficult to follow. But in the end, it is worth getting rid of your debts once and for all.  Being free of debt allows you to build wealth, take control of your finances, and help you achieve your long-term financial goals instead of just worrying about daily expenses or paying the bills. You can’t even see how much of your debt hurt you until you pay it off. So stop making excuses and follow these six steps to get out of debt.   Make a list First you have to list all[…]

In Germany, every loan is linked to a Credit bureau request and the subsequent notification of the payment to the credit protection association. If you want a loan without Credit bureau, you can get one through a foreign bank, the best known are Credit bureau-free loans from Switzerland and Lidemer. Who is the Credit bureau-free Good lender loan for? For consumers with several soft negative characteristics or a hard negative entry in the Credit bureau information, a loan from Switzerland without Credit bureau is usually the only way to take out a loan. The federal credit institution is not a contractual partner of Credit bureau in Germany and therefore does not receive any information about consumer data stored there. However,[…]