Whenever Cream banks refuse a loan, foreign banks can help under certain conditions. Agents are responsible for this type of credit. You are not a lender yourself, but you can arrange a loan with them. But what should be considered? Loan from abroad These types of loans are private credit checker-free loans. They are happy to be used by consumers who have problems with private credit checker and therefore no longer get any money from Cream banks. This loan from abroad is therefore the last option for many. However, this is only possible for employed persons. Neither unemployed people, freelancers or the self-employed can hope for such a loan. Foreign banks are not interested in private credit checker. The borrower’s[…]

US interest rates are moving higher, but investors are still looking for alternative income generating assets. A popular solution for income investors who want to manage rising interest rates has been bank loans or senior loans. An asset class was made increasingly available by exchange-traded funds such as PowerShares Senior Loan Portfolio (NYSEArca: BKLN) being bank loan funds. Variable-rate bonds and senior loans are unique because their returns are tied to a benchmark like LIBOR, rather than being predetermined. The loans are also higher on the capital structure than other unsecured commitments. Some also have a floor to ensure you get a reasonable return even if interest rates are low. Their coupon rates are usually reset every 90 days, resulting[…]