Credit consolidation: instructions for use The consolidation of credits was previously called ” credit repurchase “. Credit restructuring and credit consolidation are also terms that can be used to designate credit consolidation. Clarification at The grouping of credits was created in the course of the 1980s. It mainly concerns people or households in a situation of over-indebtedness. It consists in closing the various credits in progress by paying off their capital and then replacing them with a single credit, with different lower monthly payments, payable over a longer period. The purpose of grouping credits? Stop the downward spiral of over-indebtedness. Two kinds of credit grouping should be distinguished: The grouping of consumer credits : the grouping of consumer[…]

The potential borrower can apply for a cheap loan from Switzerland today. These special forms of credit are intended for borrowers who are financially debited. Since Capital lender banks do not query Credit bureau, this credit model is used for loans without Credit bureau. A purpose of use does not have to be specified. Of course, credit security is also a top priority for Capital lender banks. Proof of submission of one or more pay slips is required. A credit restriction can be a temporary employment relationship, ie if there is no permanent employment relationship. Apply for a loan from Switzerland if there is a financial burden Another criterion is the minimum age that Capital lender banks must be at[…]

Work carried out in a main residence may give rise to a tax credit. Only improvement works and fitting of specific equipment are concerned, but above all it is not necessary to be an owner to be entitled to it. Tenants and occupants free of charge can finance their work themselves, and reduce their taxes in exchange. The State has developed a scale specific to each type of work, with a ceiling. What is a tax credit? The tax credit is a direct rebate on income tax, the excess of which is carried over to the next few years. Suppose, for example, that a household has to pay $ 4,000 in taxes, but that it is entitled to a tax[…]