the Force USA F50 Multifunctional Trainer is an entry-level alternative to its most complete Multifunctional trainer F100. While the F100 offers extras such as a suspension training system and pin weights, the F50 is a very solid value for your home gym.

It’s cheaper than the premium F100, but the F50 is far from incapable of it. This multifaceted machine is a functional trainer, power rack, base trainer, forging machine, dip, low row station and pull-up station in one.

With four feet of usable indoor workout space, you’ll never feel cramped when pushing your limits. This Force USA functional trainer is 83 inches wide, 69 inches deep and 92 inches high. It also has a nominal weight of 882 pounds. The cables can withstand a monstrous 2,000 pound load, while the drawbar and Smith machines share a weight capacity of 662 pounds.

To help you achieve your weightlifting goals, this multi-function trainer features an 8-in-1 weight system and a 2: 1 cable pulley ratio. You’ll also find an assortment of 11 different accessories, including J-hooks, side pull-up bar, land mine, front safeties, dipping handles, 8-link chain set and more.

The included F-Series barbell bar features Olympic handles and easily converts the anti-personnel mine attachment into a central station.

A load capacity of 240 pounds per side invites you to explore various cable exercises in many different directions using the optimum amount of resistance. Then there is the basic trainer for training the torso in rotation.

You will also find a power stand with adjustable J-hooks and 4 Olympic weight plate holders. Other features include an ergonomic pull-up and pull-up station with multiple grip options and soaking handle attachments that can be adjusted vertically to accommodate weight belts or resistance bands.

You can use the low row footrest with the cable pulley system for a rewarding full body workout. There is even an option to use a heavy bag or resistance bands with the suspension training caliper.

You might understandably feel overwhelmed by the seemingly dizzying array of workout options. That’s why Force USA has included an integrated exercise chart with over 36 exercises to push you to new limits. This chart not only shows how to effectively target major muscle groups, but it also clearly shows the proper movement patterns to ensure safe and effective workouts.

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