If you’re a 90s kid who watched TV, chances are you’ve seen at least a few episodes of The nanny, which aired from 1993 to 1999. The show is experiencing a resurgence, in part thanks to the fact that all six seasons were recently added to HBO Max. And if you are looking for a trendy and unique idea for a Halloween party, these The nanny-The costumes inspired by Fran Drescher (who played Fran Fine) will be, well, fantastic.

As the earworm of a theme song on the show puts it, “She’s the lady in red when everyone’s wearing tans.” And while Fran’s outfits were always overdone, they were actually very avant-garde; her wardrobe included pieces from Moschino, Chanel, Herve Leger, Todd Oldham and more, often with a 60s and 90s vibe.

You don’t need a stylist and a closet full of designer clothes to look like Fran; here, we’ve rounded up some of her most memorable looks that you can recreate for a The nanny Halloween costume. The whole family can also have fun dressing up like Sheffield high society (think costumes, tartan and headbands). Or you can go with friends in a different version of Fran; there is no shortage of iconic looks offered by the flashy girl from Flushing.

Fran’s Signature Plaid Turtleneck Skirt

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that Fran Fine loves red, the leopard print, and a good pattern. This geometric print has a moment again, and a turtleneck mini skirt is always a good idea. Drescher’s retro skirt is made by Moschino, according to Shondaland, a designer she wore frequently on the show, but you can get the look (much) less thanks to Unique Vintage, or that similar plaid mini skirt from Amazon. .

Paired with loose bangs and a bouncy half-back, plus black tights and heels, this is an iconic costume you’ll likely wear again.

2. A costume inspired by Fran In The nanny Pilot

This black skirt and blazer with fuzzy leopard details was the second look Fran Fine has ever worn, and it appears in the second scene of the pilot episode as she interviews the Sheffields.

“This is the final decision Nanny-look costume, ”said Drescher in a video for Vogue. “That’s what created the flashy Flushing girl’s style. Definitely sexy but not trashy and there had to be a sweetness.”

It mixes up so many elements of Fran’s style: the leopard print with a miniskirt and blazer has appeared over and over again in different iterations throughout the show’s six seasons.

3. Fran In Herve Leger dress with heart bag

I never realized from watching the show as a kid that Fran looked amazingly beautiful, and this outfit is no exception. It’s pretty easy to turn this look into a Halloween costume; all you need is a bodycon dress, a heart-shaped bag, plus a 90s phone with a long drawstring, and of course that shampoo commercial voluminous hair.

This stop bag is Moschino, according to Instagram account, @WhatFranWore, but there are a lot of dupes out there, (like Claire’s quilted shoulder bag) so you don’t have to break the bank on your quest. to be the nanny for Halloween.

4. Gracie & Fran in matching leopard print

If you want to bring your child in The nanny Halloween costume, try to dress like Sheffield’s youngest girl, Gracie and Fran in matching leopard outfits. This look comes from the episode titled “I Don’t Remember Mum” which is actually a total heartbreaking one. The bottom line is that Fran and Gracie enter a mother and daughter contest and get kicked out because Fran is not her mother. Gracie then cries and explains that she does not remember anything about her own mother.

It’s a sad, sweet episode that will evoke all the thrills plus what not to love about matching cardigans, skirts, leopard print dresses or even a fluffy jacket to keep you warm in the Halloween.

5. The casting of the nanny’s Halloween idea

Are you looking for a costume for the whole family? Well you can never go wrong with The nanny thrown for Halloween. Fran is again in a playful and fun Moschino two-piece (it’s a blazer and a mini). As they are in many episodes, the kids (Maggie, Brighton, and Gracie) are in preppy houndstooth, a plaid skirt with a waistcoat and suit. A good bet for children wearing a costume of The nanny is a school uniform as we often see them in their plaid skirts and blazers (which is always a fun juxtaposition next to Fran’s outfits).

You probably won’t be able to score a vintage Moschino for Halloween, but the white and red vinyl polka dots will transform a solid black dress or skirt.