Sexy Beasts kicks off on Netflix this week and there are two dozen dazzling fancy dress costumes for you to get a feel for before you watch.

The show is a unique dating game that hides the identity of the singletons behind high-quality movie-style prosthetics in an effort to emphasize the personality alone.

Each of the six episodes features four unique character designs created by Kristyan Mallett. Mallett is a professional costume designer whose company KM Effects created the prostheses seen in Sexy Beasts. They have also already created designs for the Harry potter and Impossible mission movies.

“We had this huge roster of characters that we talked about. Netflix endorsed the ones they liked and from there I sat at the house and drew some illustrations that were crude enough to give them a taste. of what they will look like, ”said Mallett News week. “I showed them things like the Rooster, the Mandrill, a Tiger to give them an idea of ​​what the end product will look like.”

A total of 24 characters will be seen in the new episodes which will be released on Wednesday, July 21, 2021. 24 more will be seen when the second season airs later in the year.

Of the four contestants seen in each episode, one of them is the lucky picker, and it’s him that each episode is named after. The picker will then be the one who chooses between three potential love matches.

Episode 1 – Emma the Demon

Emma the Demon admits that she generally prefers “bad boys”, but maybe this devil needs an angel.

With horns, red skin and an elongated chin, Emma has a choice of three men in disguise. She will have to decide whether she wants to select a Stone Man, a Mandrill, or a Mouse.

Episode 2 – James the Beaver

A gopher on the Netflix series Sexy Beasts
James the Beaver is looking for love in the new Netflix series “Sexy Beasts”, coming Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

Cuddly James is an adorable beaver whose prosthetic features include a hairy face, tiny rounded ears, and a few characteristic chompers.

He is in shock during his dates as he comes face to face with a zombie, a leprechaun and a leopard.

Episode 3 – Kariselle the Panda

Sexy Panda Beasts
Kariselle the bubbly Panda is looking for a partner to settle down with. There are three tough contenders to choose from in “Sexy Beasts” on Netflix.

Kariselle is given a cute costume to hide her on dates as she plays the role of Panda. Her dates are less adorable as she sits down to meet an alien, a bull, and a tin man.

Episode 4 – Ibrahim the Wolf

Sexy Beasts on Netflix - Wolf
The wolf will howl for a date in “Sexy Beasts”.

Ibrahim the Wolf, who hopes to howl at the moon with a new partner, will have a choice of three mysterious women.

A troll really tests the limits of beauty standards, as does a prehistoric dinosaur and a wise owl.

Episode 5 – Nina the Dolphin

Sexy Beasts on Netflix - Dolphin
Behind the Dolphin is one of many single humans looking for love.

One of the most complete prostheses is worn by Nina the Dolphin. His mask features a bottle nose, fin and, of course, a vent.

It will be sink or swim for a scarecrow, a mantis and a rhino as they all vie for the affection of Nina the dolphin.

Episode 6 – Kelechi the Rooster

Cock Sexy Beasts
Kelechi admits he’s had some tragic dates, so hopefully his “Sexy Beasts” experience with a witch, deer, and frog turns out better.

Kelechi is a giant rooster with attractive “hanging bits”, a protruding beak and impressive feathers.

Kelechi will have to be careful because he could fall under a witch’s spell, get caught in the headlights of a deer, or even sneak into a kiss from a frog.

Design the ‘Sexy Beasts’ characters

Mallett admits that prosthetic masks and makeup can often be as difficult to make as you might imagine. Bringing the designs from the paper to the finished product can also create unexpected complications.

Mallett said News week: “When it’s on paper it sounds like a great idea, you think ‘oh that’s gonna be funny.’ The dolphin is a good example because we knew we were widening their noses so that their eyes be funny. ” He continued, “But now every time I see him I think the eyes squint. It’s funny and ridiculous.”

Tasked with creating 48 unique designs by Netflix, Mallett said one of the contestants helped him choose his favorite. He said, “Actually one of my favorites is the beaver. It’s fun makeup and the person in it is incredibly funny.”

Overall, the costume designer admits that he favors animals over human hybrids: “I think animals work a lot better than human characters. It makes it more interesting. If I had to do it again, I would. would. all animals on humanoids. “

You can judge each design for yourself and find out which ones find love in the first set of Sexy Beasts, coming to Netflix on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

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