The costumes the characters wear in Bridgerton are crucial. Anthony’s latest suit is unlike anything he’s worn before – here’s why.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Bridgerton Season 2.

Bridgerton’s costumes played an important role in the story – here’s what Anthony Bridgerton’s final costume really means and how it stands out from all of his previous ones from both seasons. Bridgerton Season 2 included hundreds of costumes for the main cast and extras: colorful dresses, tightly tied ties, tailcoats, exquisite jewelry, and a way of other accessories made up each outfit. Ton members had to dress to impress, after all.

Anthony took his role of finding a woman very seriously in Bridgerton season 2, and he dressed accordingly. In Season 1, Anthony spent much of his time with opera singer Siena Rosso, often shirking his responsibilities to her household or looking for a way to unwind due to the stress they were causing. As a result, Anthony wore lots of white pants with dark waistcoats and tailcoats (usually a deep velvet or navy blue). Her ensemble was completed with brown riding boots. As a leading man in Bridgerton season 2, Anthony took on his duties — to his family and to courting Edwina — quite aggressively. Her costumes have been upgraded to reflect this.

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Anthony was most often dressed in sumptuous navy blue and velvet and waistcoats. He wore black or dark blue pants with black boots instead of brown. His ties rotated between white, beige and dark blue/black as well. The darker color scheme of her costumes is exactly why her final outfit stands out. In the final Bridgerton scene from season 2, Anthony wears a sky blue vest under a plush indigo jacket. The sky blue vest marks Anthony’s first time wearing the color on the show, meaning the emotional burden and stress of being the head of the family has been lifted. Anthony no longer hides his emotions either and lets himself be felt for the first time in a long time. His heart is open and he is deeply in love with Kate. Anthony can also be free to like her in public without shame.

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His responsibilities to his family are still the same, but he is no longer burdened by them. Anthony is a changed man and the light blue of his waistcoat indicates it. In addition, Anthony’s sky blue waistcoat is decorated with gray-brown and gold flowers. This is Anthony’s first time wearing a patterned vest, with the flowers on his vest matching the floral pattern on Kate’s purple dress in the final scene. Flowers are important because they represent happiness and love. They also reflect Anthony’s evolution throughout Bridgerton’s first two seasons. The bee, a creature Anthony was terrified of, is seen buzzing happily among a cluster of flowers before Anthony and Kate exit.

Wearing the flowers so openly on his own suit suggests that Anthony has come to terms with his fear and accepted that he can love and be loved back so sincerely. Anthony’s costumes in season 2 ultimately reflected his emotional journey throughout and wearing his latest brightly colored vest with floral patterns shows how far he’s come and how genuinely open his heart is after all the trials and tribulations of Bridgerton season 2.

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