ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA / KFTA) – The Beaver Lake Fire Department urges you to stay safe on the water this summer.

It comes after the department recovered a body last night after a drowning on the same lake.

“I hope people have seen the reports of our recent drowning and have considered some of the precautions we are talking about today,” said Chief John Whisenant.

“We had a lot in mind, especially going out and seeing all the people who were looking yesterday and the day before, so we were, I guess, a lot more careful and wore our life jackets,” said boater Brooke Rice.

Boating safety: a topic we hear about every summer, but Beaver Lake Fire Chief John Whisenant has said not everyone takes it to heart.

“Not all of the drowning victims we responded to were wearing life jackets. “

Wisenant said life jackets are essential regardless of your age.

“You never know when an accident might happen… when you might fall overboard, so you should always wear one. “

Safe operation of the boat is also essential.

“People have to be careful with their surroundings,” he said. To oncoming boats to oncoming tubes to all other recreational offerings. Watch your speed in non-arousal areas. it’s pretty big and around the docks because you don’t know where people can swim around the docks.

Wisenant said safety is also important around the docks because you don’t know where there may be people swimming.

Wisenant said this week’s drowning was just one of about two dozen firefighters will respond to each year, so it’s critical that you wear your life jacket and are aware of your surroundings.

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