A Californian shared footage from an American themed party in Europe on TikTok, admitting that she was not “disappointed” with the costumes.

Kelsey Anne Gregg, who splits her time between Bear Flag State and the Czech Republic, shared the clip on Wednesday after enjoying the celebration outdoors. The video has gone viral and has already been viewed over 2.5 million times.

Gregg, who describes herself as an American of Mexican descent, said, “I went to an American themed party in Europe (as an American). I was not disappointed. These costumes. Everyone in America looks like this 100%. “

She captioned the clip “when Europeans dress like Americans”, and the footage shows a number of men all wearing red checkered shirts.

The men, who all showed up in the same outfit, even lined up for a photo, showing slight variations in the patterns.

Most paired the top with jeans or denim shorts, while there is an interesting selection of headwear, ranging from baseball caps to straw hats.

And there is a man who just showed up at the party, which allegedly took place in Prague, draped in an American queer.

The video garnered many comments, as the debate raged over whether the costumes were Canadian or American, while one person believed they were Amish.

Lo Christianson just said, “The guy with the American flag.

Also congratulating him, Christine D wrote: “The flag guy was the only one who understood the mission.”

Violet thought, “Flannel is Canadian. The American is a tank top and cargo shorts, I don’t make the rules.”

Sara agreed, saying, “I came to say it was Canadian and the comments didn’t disappoint.”

Kendra defended the flannel choice, writing: “People who try to say flannel is not American. Yes it is. Straw hats are not a look though. Baseball hats were the right choice. The flag cape is [thumbs up]. “

Ben Hughes asked, “How would America dress like it’s trying to be British? A top hat?

Charlotte pointed out, “What cracks me up is it’s not the same shirt, they just buy it because it was available at local H&M, they really all had the same idea.”

Bella said, “Americans wear camouflage and cargo shorts or muscle shirts.”

Carrie was puzzled, as she commented, “Are they doing this? Are they doing this for real in Europe ?! I love it. I’m obsessed.”

“They think we’re Amish,” said one TikToker.

Nadia Quinn raved, “Honestly, pretty good job.”

Fadi joked, “Was their only reference to the video for ‘Cotton Eye Joe’?”

Clearly a fan, I’m told, “Why is this so weirdly healthy and funny?”

As Jessika added, “As a Midwestern American, I crown the trucker hat guy the winner. If I were to see him at the store, he would blend right in.”

News week contacted Gregg for comment.

Image of friends at a barbecue. A Californian woman attended an American themed party in Europe and found the costumes hilarious.
Alina555 / Getty Images

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