Marvel’s Captain America has several amazing costumes, but his latest flashback isn’t just one of his biggest – it also inspired one of the MCU’s best.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain America’s United States # 1 forward!

Captain America has many costumes across the comics and the MCU. His last in Captain America’s United States # 1 is a great throwback to an old series. the Secret avengers the costume came back.

Secret avengers is a comic book series that started in 2010 and ended its first airing in 2013. Two more iterations of the series followed, one being a Marvel NOW! title from 2013 to 2014, and the other part of All-New Marvel NOW! from 2014 to 2015. This series featured Captain America leading a team of heroes on secret spy missions – the Secret Avengers, which operated outside of the public.

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Now the costume he used in that series is back. Captain America’s United States # 1 is created by the team of Christopher Cantwell, Josh Trujillo, Dale Eaglesham, Jan Bazaldua, Matt Milla and Vc Joe Caramagna. Captain America is seen going after an impersonator of him who wears his classic look. Once the chase has begun, the titular hero is seen in his Secret avengers suit. It’s interesting because this costume is largely associated with times when Captain America is working in a more covert way than normal – which he may have to do.

Captain America has been targeted by someone who looks and dresses like him. Other people who have taken over his mantle in a secret network have also been targeted. Now America’s first super soldier is trying to find them and recover his stolen shield. This debut issue also features Captain America reassessing his perception of the American Dream and wondering if he’s hiding – which makes his costume selection very interesting.

the Secret avengers costume is one of Cap’s best looks. He even inspired the stealth costume he wears in the 2014 film. Captain America: The Winter Soldier. the Secret avengers The series had Captain America leading a team of heroes outside of the public spotlight, including Black Widow, Ant-Man, and Moon Knight. In the first series, he was delighted to be doing a good job outside the public eye – even though it was a “ghost ops” team. Now, with alternate perceptions of Captain America and the American Dream being a theme, it looks like dressing up in secret is a move that could make the hero feel like he’s making a difference and helping. It might help the Super Soldier not feel like a way to create divisions and controversies among the locals.

A new era has arrived for the hero, who began to be explored in the original Disney + show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Just like in this show, the Smithsonian wants to display Captain America’s shield. The question of his role as an American icon has definitely been under evaluation lately, but there’s no denying that he – and his coat – still have a big role to play. The rise of many variations of Captain America (Aaron Fischer, Nichelle Wright, and Joe Gomez) shows that people from all walks of life and cultures have been inspired by what the hero stands for. While Captain America is still a hero, his role may change and, therefore, his look reflects this period of evaluation and confusion. It doesn’t matter what he ends up doing and what he discovers in his search for the new Sentinels of Freedom, Captain America will do it in style with his Secret avengers suit.

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