From Mattel and Funko Pops dolls to LINE plush toys and UNO cards, BTS has just about every type of merchandise. One thing they don’t have? An official Halloween costume. I mean, would it be cool to wear the most iconic member looks yourself? The group has so many memorable outfits – from music videos to red carpet events and TV appearances – that the possibilities for inspiration are endless. Since they don’t have a Halloween line (yet), fans have to be resourceful to replicate the looks of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable clothing options online that will help ARMYs channel their number one. If you’d like to dress up as your favorite K-pop idol this Halloween season, here are seven ideas for making your own BTS “Butter” music video costume.

For BTS’s “Butter” clip, the guys’ outfits ranged from colorful tracksuits to black and yellow tuxedos. Not to mention that the hair colors of the members were just as diverse; RM had candy pink hair; J-Hope was blonde; Jin, Suga, and V were brunettes; Jungkook had purple hair; and Jimin was blond with multicolored locks. They all looked like they had so much fun with the clip, which is why the ARMYs loved watching it. “Butter” will certainly be remembered not only as one of BTS’s most successful singles, but also as one of their best music videos.

To commemorate the track and share your love for the band, here are seven DIY BTS “Butter” music video costumes to wear this Halloween season.

1. RM’s garter belt look

The guys’ “Butter” outfits were collectively so stylish, which is why it was difficult to choose just one look for each member. For RM, I went with his outfit on during the MV’s track “ARMY” because it seemed easy to replicate.

To make this costume you will need a white shirt. Use one you already own or buy a new one, like the version below.

Wear yours with black denim shorts.

Add a black belt. I suggest getting this one from SHEIN which is only $ 2!

Then attach a pair of black suspenders to the belt.

If you feel like going the extra mile, buy a pink wig and style it to look like RM’s hair.

2. Jin’s white suit

From the start of the MV, Jin made the ARMYs green with his dapper outfit. He wore an all-white suit and a shimmering green shirt that made him look like a million bucks.

If you want to have the look of Jin, this blazer and pants combo from SHEIN will do the trick.

Finish the outfit with a shiny satin green dress shirt.

3. Suga’s green track outfit

In the middle of the “Butter” MV, BTS rocked the whole rainbow with their colorful tracksuits. If you’re looking for something more casual that you can also wear every day, Suga’s green workout outfit is perfect.


While you can use any green t-shirt, I recommend you get this dark green one from SHEIN. It’s simple, which means you can use white fabric paint to write the “Palm Angels” logo on the front of the shirt collar, as well as on the back.

These $ 19 sweatpants from Walmart will go well with your suit as it also has white stripes on the sides just like Suga’s.

Then put on this gold chain necklace and you’re good to go!

4. J-Hope’s “Butter” tuxedo

You know I had to include J-Hope’s iconic “Butter” themed costume in this list! He looked like a total dream at the end of the MV when he stepped out wearing a yellow blazer and black shirt with his chest exposed, revealing his collar underneath.


Get her look with this yellow blazer from Boohoo.

Put on a black shirt and don’t forget to unbutton it a bit, like J-Hope did.

Then accessorize with this layered necklace.

Complete the look with black dress pants.

5. Jimin’s Sheer Mesh Moment

For Jimin, I chose his see-through shirt and turtleneck look. Talk about making a statement!

If this MV look was your favorite, you can replicate Jimin’s style by wearing this black sheer oversized top. Keep in mind that you will need a bit more space for the turtleneck.

Although this sleeveless turtleneck shirt is not exactly like Jimin’s (the neck part is not tousled), it is very close.

As for the leather shorts, this pair from Jing will do!

Finally, add a silver chain necklace.

6. Yellow V tracksuit

V also had so many amazing outfits throughout the MV “Butter”. One of the easiest things to do for Halloween is her yellow tracksuit.

Zamage has a set of yellow tracks for just $ 45. The best part? It includes stripes on the sides.

Wear yours with a dark green t-shirt.

Then add a multicolored pearl necklace and voila!

7. Jungkook’s black tuxedo

As for Jungkook, I chose his black suit because it showcased his gorgeous purple hair well.


This $ 22 black blazer from Boohoo is similar to Jungkook’s.

To go with Jungkook’s all-black theme, you can wear this button-down dress shirt under the black blazer.

Get some black dress pants to really pair with him.

Accessorize with a gold chain necklace.

TO really nail this look, consider ordering a purple wig to match Jungkook’s.

The last step ? Simply detonate the “Butter” over and over again.

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