Everything about “Dune” is oversized.

“Dune” began rolling out overseas, raising $ 36.8 million on its international debut over the weekend. While the first film of Denis Villeneuve’s planned two-part saga doesn’t arrive in the United States until the end of October, his team of artisans have begun to tour what is surely one of the greats. Oscar contenders of the year. Costume designers Jacqueline West and Bob Morgan recently spoke to Variety, who reports that the duo created “around 1,000 looks” to bring the film’s various planetary worlds to life.

As Variety reports, “Jacqueline West and Bob Morgan have teamed up to create the 1,000 or so looks needed for the film’s three main worlds: Arrakis, Caladan and Giedi Prime. “For research, I watched the films of David Lean -” Dr. Zhivago “,” Lawrence of Arabia “- [as well as] “Fahrenheit 451,” West says. She says she also referred to Greek and Roman mythology because she believed there was a connection to House Atreides and House Harkonnen… Other far-reaching inspirations included the art of Goya, Giotto and Caravaggio; the clothing of desert people such as Bedouins and Tuaregs; tarot cards; classic Balenciaga fashion; and the colors of the rocks and sand in Jordan, where much of the action was filmed.

The first costume West sought out were “stillsuits,” the life-sustaining suits worn on the desert planet Arrakis. The costumes are described in detail in Frank Herbert’s novel “Dune,” and West consulted with “Black Panther” and “The Batman” concept artist Keith Christensen to get the perfect look for Villeneuve.

“Each one had to be cut out of a cast of the actors’ bodies, because the movement of the body is what theoretically activates the stillsuit and turns it into a distillery,” West said. “[Both in the book and film, the suits take human wastewater and turn it into a gas,] then this filters through all the tubes in the suit as coolant with gauges and regulators. And we put it all on the stillsuits.

“Dune” hits US theaters on October 22, the same day it becomes available to stream on HBO Max for 31 days.

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