MILWAUKEE (AP) – A former Milwaukee Public School teacher urges police to release body camera footage of an altercation that injured her after school district staff accused her of trespassing when she s ‘went to the district office to collect pay stubs.

DeShawnda Bailey, who has taught special education, spent three days in custody and faces charges of trespassing and resisting arrest.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentry reported that Milwaukee public school administrators declined to answer questions about the June 1 meeting. The police opened an internal investigation. Bailey provided the newspaper with police reports.

The district had previously broken contracts with the Milwaukee Police Department in an attempt to avoid such escalations, and about six months before the meeting, the Milwaukee Fire and Police Board adopted a policy of using the force that emphasizes de-escalation.

Bailey said she went to district offices to talk to someone after a problem with her job. The school district claims she resigned on May 28, but she says no. After Bailey was escorted out of the building, she sat outside on a lawn chair and went live on Facebook. It was then that security called the police.

In Bailey’s video, Agent Shawn Humitz shows her a no-trespassing order and says she must leave or she will be arrested. Bailey says she wants to contact her lawyer, and she asks people on Facebook to share her video. Humitz then tells Bailey that this is his last chance to leave and grabs his hand. She says she will go to her car.

“We got past that,” Humitz said before the video was cut.

Bailey said police threw and smashed his phone. Police reports say Bailey continued to say she was going to leave and refused to put her hands behind her back. Reports say Bailey fell to her knees and was pushed to the ground and told to put her hands behind her back. She said no and that she couldn’t breathe, according to reports. Bailey said his head bounced off the ground.

Reports say Humitz hit her once on the back, then hit her twice more and handcuffed one of her wrists. Bailey was rushed to hospital, where she was handcuffed to a bed before being taken to jail. She was held for two nights on a provisional charge of bodily harm or threatening police, as well as trespassing and resisting arrest.

Bailey has not been charged with a felony.

“I want MPS to explain to me why the police were called? Bailey said. “Why can’t we have a mediation conference? ”

The other officer who made the arrest was Hector Claudio. Humitz declined to comment on Journal Sentinel, and the police department declined a request for an interview with Claudio. The ministry said neither was withdrawn from active service.

Humitz was also charged with excessive force in a 2006 lawsuit that resulted in a settlement of $ 98,000 from the city, according to court documents. In this case, Humitz was accused of beating two men, including a church elder, inside a church.

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