COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) – After a Colorado Springs contractor destroyed his job over a payment dispute, the owner can now expect a happy ending.

In September, Amber Trucke shared a now-viral video of Dream Home Remodels of Colorado entrepreneurs taking a hammer to her bathroom.

Trucke told her Dream Home Remodel of Colorado contractors that she was not happy with the job and asked for her shower door to be installed.

She had paid half of the balance owed, but the contractors thought she was refusing the rest.

So, Terry Gregory began to “take over” his bathroom, with a hammer.

Since the story first aired on KRDO, people around the world have reached out to Trucke for help.

“I get messages from Ireland, Norway, the Czech Republic, South Africa and Poland,” laughs Trucke.

Trucke says she has probably received over a hundred messages from people offering to help or wanting to ask questions about the video.

“I kind of thought somebody in Colorado Springs might call me and say, ‘Hey, you know I can do this on a budget since you’ve already paid some money. Let’s find something, “she said.” I didn’t think my phone was going to explode and people across the country would offer to stop what they do in their daily lives and come fix my bathroom. “

One of those offers came from Portland, Oregon-based tile installer Jason McDaniel. He saw the video on social media and felt compelled to turn the nightmare into his own project.

McDaniel works in partnership with local entrepreneurs Jeremy Johnson, Matt Crapo and Steve Sells.

“It was just this perfect opportunity to do something amazing with other amazing local tile contractors,” McDaniel said.

This will all be free for Trucke, who lost around $ 3,300 on the first remodel.

McDaniel and her team, in partnership with others in the tile industry, use donated materials and labor to give Trucke the bathroom she has always dreamed of.

“I just thought it was amazing that these strangers that I didn’t know, we were willing to come together to solve this problem, without me even asking them, I hadn’t even spoken to them yet, and they were already planning to how to fix my shower. “

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