Between a fifth and a quarter of Harvard students graduated virgins depending on the year, but we are still very excited about sex. Talk about it, do research, write theses on it. But if we’re being honest, some of us leave a lot to be desired when in fact, you know, we do. Raise your hand if at least one of your Harvard partners reluctantly looks at you after a scorching night.

Luckily for you, Harvard’s Seventh Annual Sex Week Begins Today. With 12 events, Sex Week is dedicated to educating you and encouraging more open conversations about sex, relationships, sexual health, sexuality, gender and gender identity, and more. Do you know how you came to Harvard with a (very high) lack of social skills since you spent all high school busy not having fun? Now is your chance to teach and undress the beast inside.

Dashing fun for everyone

Sex Week prides itself on being inclusive and tackling a variety of topics in a hot way. For anyone who’s overwhelmed STEM, especially you poor (and soon to be rich) engineers, there’s an entire event dedicated to you titled “Hacking Your Sex Life: What Happens When Engineers Get Frisky”. Events like “What What in the Butt: Anal 101” and “Unleashed: Kink 101” tackle taboo topics in an accessible way in hopes of broadening conversations around sex.

In addition to these fun events, Sex Week recognizes and highlights the intersectional issues of sex. Has anyone ever had the audacity to call you exotic or something like that because of your race or ethnicity? If so, be sure to check out the Exotification, Gender and Race session, where a panel of students talk about their experiences.

Vibrators, dildos and condoms. Oh my!

There is a record number of freebies expected to appear throughout the week. So if you’ve looked at an expensive toy at everyone’s favorite sex shop Good Vibrations, fear not! And, if you just haven’t received the human attention you need there, then again, fear not! You can treat yourself and save yourself the embarrassment of the receipt appearing in your bank account by perhaps grabbing a toy from one of these events.

And of course, condoms will be in plenty. Female and male, colored and ribbed, flavored and scented. Take one, take it all.

“We have the most amazing business partners,” said Lita Pena ’19, co-chair of Sexual Health Education and Advocacy Through Harvard (SHEATH). “We have thousands of toys. We have vibrators, dildos, things for both anatomies, things for multiple people, and really anything you can imagine we have.

A bit about sexy sponsors

Founded in 2011, SHEATH is designed to promote a safe and inclusive space for Harvard students to educate themselves and talk about sex, especially since we don’t have enough time to do it a lot (if at all).

While discussing sex can be an uncomfortable prospect, Pena stressed that “there really is no reason for it to be stigmatized.” The wide range of activities planned, which will hopefully overlap your free time and that of your friends, aims to give people “new hopes and new understandings” in their sex lives.

Food in the room

If you can’t seem to persuade a friend to go for the insane freebies given to us this week, just remind them that there will be plenty to put in your mouth as well. We’re talking about free food (get your head out of the gutter!), Including cupcakes that look like vaginas (okay, get into the gutter…).

Slip into these events and continue your studies! Thanks later.

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