“I was incredibly proud of Sebastian” – Lewis Hamilton is proud that Sebastian Vettel speaks openly about social issues via the F1 platform.

Sebastian Vettel has shown some active participation on public issues, ranging from regimes violating the rights of LGBTQ people to environmental degradation; Vettel has publicly expressed his concerns.

At Silverstone, he also appeared to clean the stands after fans dumped their trash there. In addition, Vettel also affirmed the need for Formula 1 to implement cleaner fuels for environmental conservation.

Seeing this, Lewis Hamilton is proud of his counterpart Vettel for speaking out and using his influence to make a positive impact, which is often overlooked by other sportsmen.

“I was incredibly proud of Sebastian. He has discovered things that fascinate him and he does not deprive himself of it. We talk a lot and we talk about these topics, ”Hamilton said according to Autosport.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have joined forces in Hungary

Hamilton is known for his activism in sports and is currently working intensely to bring the additional representation of people of color. His commission report highlighted the obvious absence of blacks in F1.

During this time, he also wrote about Hungary’s alleged discriminatory law against LGBTQ + people, against which a colossal protest took place in the country around the time of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Therefore, the two old F1 guards speaking simultaneously against such social issues was an extremely positive step and opens the door for F1 to become the voice of the downtrodden in the future.

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