On Monday night, we all said goodbye to the most mature candidate the Bachelor franchise has ever seen. Katie thurston has been a fan favorite since day one, when she stepped out of the limo with her trusted vibrator which she named “MJ” in honor of Matt James. His eccentric demeanor was refreshing on the part of most aspiring influencers seen on the first night of the season. After a friendly one-on-one date with James, he decided their relationship wasn’t far enough advanced compared to his other relationships with the women of the house. James did not offer Thurston a rose and took her outside.

During Thurston and James’ one-on-one date in the most recent episode, it was evident that their relationship was more amicable than romantic. James enlisted Thurston’s help in pranking his best friend and Bachelor Nation’s Tyler cameron of Hannah Brown’s season. Cameron was visiting James, as I hoped he would at some point, which led to a date idea for James and Thurston to play a prank on him. While listening and watching Cameron as he was given a massage, James and Thurston both told the masseuse through an earpiece to do obscure things, like sniff her hair. It was a cute date, full of laughs, but it became apparent that this duo were meant to be just friends.

Although Thurston was sadly eliminated from James’ season, it was leaked after the Women Tell All portion of the season filmed last Thursday that Thurston was a candidate to be. the next Bachelorette. While an official announcement has yet to be made, the famous Bachelor spoiler Reality Steve leaked that Thurston was decided to be the next frontman for Bachelorette season 17.

Rumors have it that other options are Kelley Flanagan and Hannah ann sluss from Peter Weber’s season. Several other options included current women from James’ season who were knocked out, but I’m not going to tell you who exactly. Saying goodbye to Thurston was miserable, but it’s clear she’s onto bigger and better things.

While Thurston’s eccentric demeanor made her a fan favorite, her best moments were when she stood up for women harassed by infamous mean girls, Victoria Larsen, Anna redman and Mr. J. Snyder. Thurston captured the hearts of Bachelor Nation when she comforted Sarah Trott, who was criticized by various women in the house after taking James aside on a group date she was not a part of.

Trott even interrupted Thurston and his time with James, but instead of ganging up on Trott like the other girls in the house did, Thurston shared an emotional moment with Trott where they both shared how they fought with their fathers. It was during this conversation that Trott revealed that she disagreed about whether to return home to spend time with her father, who suffers from Lou Gerhig’s disease (ALS). Out of sympathy, Thurston shared his story about the loss of his father and could relate to Trott about seizing every moment with a loved one before he passes away. That’s when the Seattle-based marketing executive turned out to be James’ all-time favorite of the season.

After Trott eliminated herself from James’ season, Thurston continued to defend Trott when the girls and Larsen, in particular, continued to belittle Trott by making statements such as “the garbage has retreated”. Thurston also drew James ‘attention to the bullying, which ultimately led to the removal of several infamous villainous girls from James’ season. Throughout all of Thurston’s moments during this season, she has remained poised and calm, never stooping to utter name-calling or harsh words.

Thurston set an example, not only for the women on the show, but also for viewers, on how women should treat each other and how to mature with any issues they face. She has stood up against bullies and she deserves to continue her journey to find love by being the next Bachelorette. Thurston’s time with James is over, which means she’s likely going to have to come up with a new name for her vibrator, hopefully naming it after finding the man for her as the potential new Bachelorette.

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