One of the biggest movies we’re about to release Marvel’s Next Phase is the Eternal.

From a really cool plot to a bunch of actors like Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, and Kumail Nangiani, the movie is set to be quite the experience.

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Not many people know it, but the film has quite a few connections.

There’s an Indian wedding, a Bollywood dance streak, and of course, Harish Patel aka Ibu Hatela in the movie.

And then there are the dope-looking costumes we see in the movie, which were actually designed by an Indian designer.

Meet Saran Kohli, costume designer for 'Eternals'
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Saran Kohli is a designer of Indian descent based in London who was approached by the creatives of Marvel to help them with the design of a few costumes.

In fact, he’s designed around 52 costumes that we’ll see in the dance sequence and a few portions of the outfit that we see on Kumail Nangiani himself.

Meet Saran Kohli, costume designer for 'Eternals'
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In a recent interview with the India time, the designer spoke about his experience working with Marvel and how he was approached by the costume team to help them.

Kohli himself has a very aristocratic appeal and style. And how can we miss that gorgeous, perfectly twirled handlebar mustache that he puts on?

In the past he has dressed people like David Beckham for a number of magazines and publications based in England, so we know exactly what he is capable of.

As for his personal style, it is chic, elegant and regal.

He is truly an example of a modern day maharaja should be dressed

Suffering from vitiligo, Kohli has been very vocal as an advocate for raising awareness about vitiligo and fighting the social stigma that surrounds the disease.

For this purpose, he designed a series of masks, called the Vitiligo Masks.

Returning to his work for the Marvel movie, he says that initially he didn’t realize it was going to be a Marvel movie, as the people who approached him weren’t entirely forthright about it.

“At first, they didn’t even tell me if it was for a movie. They just told me that they were looking for costumes for this scene which has a bit of a dance sequence. Later when they emailed the name of the movie was different, it was the invented name of a movie. They asked me to meet them at Pinewood Studios.

For a while, Kohli thought it would be a Bollywood movie. “Later, when I spoke to one of the heads of the costume department at Marvel, I realized this was something big for sure,” he says.

Eternal is slated for release on November 5 later this year.

However, given the current situation in the country, a theatrical release may not be possible. Maybe we have to settle for an OTT version.

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