The power-up has been a staple of video games for a long time, but very few series have become as well-known to them as the Mario franchise. Over the past 35 years, Mario has cemented not only himself and his surroundings, but also his objects in the collective consciousness of the world. If a random person on the street sees a photo of a super mushroom, they might not know what its name is, but most likely they will know that it is from. Mario.

That being said, however, that’s not the case for everything in any of Mario’s games. Given the breadth of abilities found throughout the franchise, it’s inevitable that for every Super Star there will be a carrot hidden in the Wings of Darkness. But even these types of items fare better than some that over the years have proven to be the worst powers and most unnecessary bonuses that the plumber and his friends can control.

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A power-up can be lacking for many reasons, but it takes a special kind of evil to be truly terrible. A boring ability can just be a chore to use. There may be too much liquidation or it just can never be used in an interesting way. Unnecessary power, on the other hand, can be something that never gets used at all or is completely overshadowed by things that perform the exact same task but are strictly better. Perhaps the most heinous possibilities, however, are the items that actually interfere with the gaming experience in the game. Mario games through their inclusion.

Useless Mario Power-Up: P-Balloon (Super mario world)

Mario P-Balloons

Over the years, Mario has been offered plenty of ways to fly, or at least fall in style. Typically, the way these powers work is that, provided the player is not hit, they have unlimited ability to use this steal. The P-Balloon, or Power Balloon, of Super mario world Probably provides the simplest version of these flying abilities, but this power has a lot more downsides than it’s worth.

The most obvious problem is that the power-on capability is temporary, lasting only about 20 seconds. It wouldn’t be too bad if the problem weren’t made worse by slowing movement the whole time. Best of all, it also makes all other abilities actively harmful to the player. Receiving any further power-ups while the P-Balloon is active immediately cancels it and sends Mario collapsing to the ground and, presumably, to his death. The power-up has been reworked for its appearance in Super Mario Maker 2 and many of those issues have been alleviated, but it’s still unlikely to win any popularity contests and remain one of the franchise’s most unnecessary bonuses.

Useless Mario Power-Up: Spring Mushroom (Super mario galaxy, Super mario galaxy 2)

Mario Spring Mushroom

the Super mario galaxy The series contains some of the best 3D platformer games ever. The physics allows for very unique playstyles, the controls are about as tight as it gets, and it has introduced many new and interesting bonuses to the game. Mario cannon. Unfortunately, the Spring Mushroom is not one of those power-ups. On paper, the idea of ​​an ability that allows Mario “Jumpman” Mario to jump even higher than usual should be a perfect match. In practice, a single design choice causes energy to cost Mario significantly more lives than it saves.

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Spring Mushroom transforms Mario into Spring Mario, who can no longer run when transformed. Instead, normal level crossing is made possible by small jumps in the direction indicated by the player. The problem stems from the fact that each of these jumps act like tiny uncontrollable jumps that have a set distance that they have to climb, meaning that in a game designed around the precision platform, the game no longer allows precision movement. Fortunately, the spring mushroom was never seen again after the Super Mario Galaxy sequel, perhaps because Nintendo realized how unnecessary and frustrating it was.

Useless Mario Power-Up: Fishin ‘Lakitu (Super Mario Odyssey)

Fishing Lakitu Mario

The Lakitu are among Mario’s oldest and most varied opponents. They can fly over the clouds, throw everything from thorns to coins, and even film one of Mario’s adventures. With all this potential to be used as creatively as the designer intended, it is baffling that in Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo decided to make it a glorified fishing mini-game. While there is something to hate about a fishing game that has to be completed four times in four different locations for the exact same price, it’s the wasted potential of this power-up that truly makes it one of the worst and worst. most unnecessary.

Useless Mario Power-Up: Blooper (Mario kart Franchise)

Blooper Mario Kart

The worst object to get hit with Mario kart is questionable, but Blooper’s ink is still one of the most useless power-ups in Mario. More than anything, the Blooper in Mario kart is more annoying than something that actively harms other players. The Blooper doesn’t actually cause anything tangible to any of the runners it’s used on. The idea behind it is that by smearing a runner’s vision, they’ll start driving worse. The big problem, however, is that this is only a possibility. In a game like Mario Kart, tangible results outweigh mere possibilities as they offer guaranteed openings that attackers can exploit. And as if that weren’t imperfect enough already, everything from a speed boost to just using his peripheral vision allows those who’ve been inked to ignore the object’s effects anyway.

Mario games have been out for thirty-five years now, which means that not all power-ups are as useful as others. In such a long franchise, there are bound to be at least a few bonuses that aren’t that great. While many power-ups in the Mario series have proven to be useful for a variety of reasons, a number – like P-Balloons and Blooper – just aren’t really necessary and can even make games less fun.

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