KIMBERLING CITY, Mo. (KY3) – A lot can happen on the water, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it.

“A lot of times what we see in the summer months are either accidents or what we think of as accidents, injuries from being thrown from a water-based device,” said Sgt. Mike McClure of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

When it comes to propeller accidents on a boat, Sgt. McClure says they’re not common, but they can happen.

“We have one or two a summer on a particular body of water,” said Sgt. McClure.

It could be someone trying to get into the boat and use the propeller as a ladder.

“By using the outboard motor as a ladder to climb, their feet slip off and they get a nasty cut to their foot or leg,” said Sgt. McClure.

Cutting the propeller could also be a tragic accident. He says they see it more when skiing is the activity that is going on.

“This person falls from any aquatic device, inner tube, inner tube, water ski, wakeboard, whatever, and the driver turns around to go and retrieve them,” said Sgt. McClure.

He said tragic accidents like this can happen when a driver loses situational awareness of the person’s whereabouts. The best way to make sure that such an accident does not happen is to stop the engine and make sure you know where people are around you.

Saturday’s incident report shows an eight-year-old was trying to get out of the stern of the boat and was struck by the propeller.

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