Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik reveals if Marc Spector’s third Quirk had his own backstage vigilante costume.

The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Season 1, Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters,” available now on Disney+.

Costume designer Meghan Kasperlik has revealed if Jake Lockley ever had his own unique avatar outfit in Moon Knight.

“No, there was no other [suit] for Jake,” Kasperlik said in an interview with The Direct. “It was kept pretty secret, Jake came in at the end, so no one had [that] small spoiler. But when he arrived, everyone was really excited.”

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Disney+ Moon Knight does not reveal Jake Lockley until the season finale, where he is revealed as another of Marc Spector’s Quirks. The brutal, Spanish-speaking limo driver is the Quirk who takes control whenever Steven or Marc pass out, engaging in violent actions neither remembers. Lockley only appears in his civilian clothes and does not show a unique Moon Knight costume.

Kasperlik then revealed which direction she would have taken when designing Lockley’s hypothetical costume, noting how she think[s] that [she] would make it dark,” likely taking influence from the “black suit that’s in the comics.” The designer is likely referring to the jet black and white armored suit that first appeared in Moon Knight #2 (2014).

The costume designer goes on to say that the main look for Fist of Khonshu could have taken many forms, but Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab had a very specific concept in mind”[He] I really wanted to focus on the mummy aspect of it, and be really Egyptian… But I think it was a beautiful bridge because it takes Khonshu back thousands of years ago to what we would probably think of today as being a very strong suit.”

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Kasperlik admitted that the most challenging aspect of the suits was their reliance on the color white, especially Mr. Knight’s three-piece suit. To keep the chic outfit from looking flat, “my team looked everywhere for a fabric that could give — that had a bit of texture.” The designer quoted “[all of the] texture” as a key part of why the color scheme worked, with elements like “a silver lemay” that gives off a hint of luminescence helping to keep the outfit from going dull.

At the time of writing, there are no plans to Moon Knight receive a second season. Despite this, Diab has expressed interest in continuing Lockley’s story. “I want to see his world. Everyone is so intrigued by him and [I want to] see what happens between those blinks and who he is and what he likes and who he likes. It’s very interesting to me,” Diab explained.

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+

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