ALTO, NM (KRQE) – Crews continued to fight the blaze on Tuesday evening near Ruidoso. The village of Ruidoso said the blaze had burned 25 acres and is now 25% under control. People staying nearby said they were afraid of previous large fires in the same area.

A video taken Tuesday at the Shell gas station in Alto shows the Ball Field Fire blaze. “It’s kinda crazy,” Buck Zengerle said. “You can see flames for a little while over the ridge. There is smoke and everything.

Buck and his wife Esther are from El Paso. They are staying with friends at the Alto Country Club just by the fire. “I got to see a helicopter pulling water from Alto Lake and dropping it on the fire,” Buck said.

It started around 11:30 am Tuesday morning just behind the Shell on Ski Run Road, above the Winter Park where people are tubing in the winter. The fire prompted the evacuation of High Country Lodge and Alto Lake on Tuesday. He also forced road closures.

The village said more than ten agencies were there carrying out airstrikes. The investigation seeks the causes of the fire. “Certainly we hope to be able to contain it overnight, and the wind continues to weaken,” said Kerry Gladden of the village of Ruidoso.

It comes just over a month after the Three Rivers fire around the same area burned thousands of acres and took weeks to get under control. “People are scared here because of Three Rivers Fire and Little Bear Fire a few years ago, it was huge,” Buck said.

The village said at that time that no road closures remained in place and that no one else had been evacuated. Many people in the area also reported hearing an explosion on Tuesday. The village said it had nothing to do with the fire, and they assume it was a sonic boom.

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