With peak boating season upon us and live events making a comeback, the NMMA expects all of its show lineup to return in September. The boat show experience is unparalleled, providing both a strong point of sale and a powerful marketing engine for the boating industry. With pent-up demand for live events and increased demand for boating, elevating the boat show experience will be especially important as the industry seeks to engage and retain the record number of new boaters. which entered the market in the midst of the pandemic.

Understanding that there may be inventory challenges in the coming months, show organizers and exhibitors will need to explore new ways to showcase the variety of boat types, brands and marine products that the industry has. to offer, and to immerse, educate and engage participants in the nautical lifestyle. .

“There is a tremendous opportunity for boat shows to play a pivotal role in making it easier for boaters to travel and retaining the millions of American boaters who take to the water each year. We look forward to welcoming the industry and NMMA show attendees again and bringing in the next generation of boaters who have recently entered the market – the future of our industry, ”said Jennifer Thompson, vice-president. -senior chair of nautical and sport of the NMMA. shows. “We are well in the process of planning ways to modernize the NMMA boat shows with an emphasis on education, community participation, exhibitor engagement and the overall boat show experience, site to digital.

Exhibitors, stakeholders and visitors to the NMMA Boat Show can expect to see:

  • More entertainment amenities, from live entertainment to food and drink
  • Enhanced digital exhibition guide with product listings and search capabilities
  • Increased educational programs to retain new and experienced boaters
  • Broad community involvement
  • Comprehensive measures to ensure event security for all involved

Understanding that consumer buying behavior is changing, boat shows are increasingly taking a hybrid approach to bringing together the in-person experience and digital offerings, and engaging show attendees long before and long after the event for them. help in their journey as a boater.

“The integration of Discover Boating with boat shows allows us to connect consumers seamlessly with boating better and stronger than ever – all under one brand and all year round,” Thompson noted.

The integration of the Discover Boating brand will begin gradually at the NMMA 2022 winter boat shows. Access the full schedule here. Learn more about integrating Discover Boating with NMMA Boat Shows here.

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