PITTSBURGH – Memorial Day weekend has traditionally been one of the busiest weekends for boating, but there was no boat in sight on a rainy Saturday at the tip.

However, this will not be the case when the weather breaks. And more boat traffic is expected as restrictions on COVID-19 also end.

“Obviously, as things loosen up, we would expect a lot more people to be on the river. If you haven’t taken a safety (boating) course before, please take one this year, it’s only a day or two, ”said Pittsburgh EMS division chief Raymond. Everitt.

Everitt said safety is key when navigating the Three Rivers.

In fact, he said the biggest danger was the roadblocks.

“When you go up the river it looks like a flat surface and it really isn’t. And you have to watch out for notifications that you approach for a damn or a lock to make sure it doesn’t pass, ”he said.

Everitt also stressed that boaters should never navigate under the influence, always avoid commercial traffic such as barges going up and down the river, and always wear a life jacket.

Last year there were 11 boating deaths in the state, and already this year three people have died in boating accidents in Pennsylvania. None was wearing personal flotation devices.

“You have to be prepared for the unexpected. A big wake comes up and you get knocked off the boat and hit your head and then bad things happen, ”Everitt said.

There is a new law this year for boaters that you can only anchor within a hundred feet of the shore. Everitt says the easiest way to do this is to use the pillars on the bridge.

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