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Qtum (QTUM): price update, recent developments, future events, community
  • Qtum is a value transfer proof of stake blockchain that combines blockchain fundamentals and to develop an ideal blockchain for developers
  • Designed for developers and users, Qtum is designed to improve in four areas: governance, rigidity, interoperability and the high cost of the proof of work mechanism.
  • QTUM price is up two months, with signals that the token will soon cross the $ 15 mark
  • Qtum is designed to foster decentralization and community development through its Decentralized governance protocol

The development of blockchains has come a long way. The Bitcoin blockchain, which was the first to be developed, had its glorious functionality, but it was the Ethereum Blockchain that added smart contract functionality to the blockchain, giving birth to decentralized applications. These two model blockchains still need to be improved, leading to the creation of other blockchains.

Developed in 2016, Qtum is an open source public blockchain that integrates Bitcoin’s UXTO model in addition to smart contract compatibility. Qtum’s decentralized application compatibility allows developers to quickly deploy smart contracts and easily scale their applications. A unique creation of Qtum is the Account Abstraction Layer (AAL). AAL integrates UXTO with smart contracts, allowing users to leverage multiple virtual machines and increase interoperability.

As an enterprise solution for customers, Qtum offers special services to customers to grow their business. Qtum’s goal for global reach has reached new heights with active node maps in many countries with the United States, South Korea and China leading the way. Currently, there are 1321 nodes in 61 countries. The decentralized blockchain governance protocol allows changes to be made without hardfork.

Qtum Price Update (QTUM)

QTUM is the utility token of the Qtum blockchain. The price of the token since its launch in 2016 has remained stable, making steady and steady gains. Recently, the price of QTUM has been on the rise for two months following the market reversal. Rising to $ 14, the token recovered from a record low of $ 6 two months ago.

QTUM’s five-day price table (QTUM). Source: Tradingview

With recent signs of strength, QTUM’s price is expected to cross $ 15. If it breaks over $ 15 in the next few days, it could perform a massive rally before the end of the year. Starting the year at $ 2.23 it has risen over 600% and there is still plenty of steam left at the end of the year. Qtum is ranked # 82 on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $ 1,300,118,973.

Recent developments and future events

Qtum is an innovative blockchain project that seeks to attract more DeFi platforms to its chain. His team is constantly developing mechanics and attracting more developers with incentives.

The developments of Qtum 2021 revolve around five mechanisms: the Qtum core, the Qtum infrastructure, Neutron, DeFi partnerships and community activities. Qtum Core is a technology developed in phases for faster blocks, virtual machine updates, and hardware portfolio enhancements.

Over 100 nodes were deployed to test the block spacing and the algorithm. The development of QTUM provided ledger support for the hardware wallet when sending tokens.

The development of the Qtum infrastructure has facilitated the integration of smart contracts with Janus and cross-chain bridges with Floating Road. The Janus testnet has been very efficient with the deployment of Ethereum procedure calls.

Qtum’s Stake-a-thon has ended and 50 winners have been announced. The team is also working on deploying Janus to support Qiswap and other QRC projects. Additionally, Qtum has partnered with Blockpass to facilitate regulatory compliance. Finally, Qtum has also partnered with Travala.

On the reverse

  • Qtum, as a revolutionary blockchain launched in 2016, has not achieved measurable mass adoption by its utilities
  • Qtum’s price has been fluctuating since the start of the year and could continue, although a potential rise seems imminent


Qtum is an open public blockchain that focuses on improving and growing its community. With a growing community on social media, more and more users are jumping on the bandwagon. QTUM is the native blockchain token.

Users can wager Qtum and win while contributing to the network. Qtum also hosts its Stake-a-thon to encourage community participation. In addition, the decentralized governance protocol allows users to make changes to the blockchain without hardfork.

The DailyCoin team found users excited about QTUM on Twitter (NYSE :). Twitter user @ladyanonym predicted a potential increase in Qtum and had this to say;

@adulaitis informed the public about the decentralization of the blockchain.

On the contrary, another Twitter user projected a drop in the token;

Why should you care?

Improving channels is a constant factor in the cryptoversy. Qtum is a unique development because it combines elements of the two biggest blockchains and improves them. As developers seek faster, more scalable blockchains, Qtum is poised for increased adoption.


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