For a few years now, Prince Andrew has been in hot water over his association with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. This scandal has been amplified in recent weeks thanks to the possibility that Andrew will be brought to justice in a trial.

The royal family has remained silent on this matter. In reality, Prince William was recently seen dodging a reporter’s question when asked about his uncle.

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Prince Andrew could be tried for alleged sexual assault of a minor

In 2021, Virginia Giuffre sued Andrew in New York State. According to a statement shared with People, Giuffre alleged that she had been “treated to him and sexually abused by him.” Giuffre also said she was forced to have sex with him three times between 1999 and 2002, and was underage during some of those meetings.

Andrew denied these allegations. However, a judge recently rejected his legal team’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, meaning Andrew could now stand trial later this year.

The palace stripped Andrew of his military titles and charitable works. He can also no longer use the “His Royal Highness” style. In addition, his public social media accounts have been closed.

Prince William ignored a reporter’s question about Prince Andrew

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Other members of the royal family have not publicly commented on this situation, so there are undoubtedly many people who are curious to hear their thoughts.

Reporter Chris Ship recently tweeted a video of William at an event on January 19. A reporter asked the Duke of Cambridge: “Do you support Prince Andrew? William asked for the question to be repeated and leaned closer. However, once he understood the question, William simply ignored it and turned his attention to other people at the event.

A few days ago, Ship also shared a video of Prince Charles being asked to comment on Andrew’s scandal. Charles didn’t seem to recognize the reporter and, like William, instead turned to other people.

What did Prince William’s body language say?

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Body language guru Jesús Enrique Rosas (also known as The Body Language Guy on social media) recently watched the clip of William and the reporter for clues as to how William was feeling.

In one video, Rosas pointed out, before he even spoke to the reporter, William was touching his neck in what seemed like a “calming gesture” one makes during a moment of nervousness. The expert speculated: “He must have sensed there were some awkward questions ahead.”

When William asked the reporter to repeat the question about Andrew, Rosas noted that, despite tilting his head, the Duke had in fact turned his body away from the reporter. His arm was also “outstretched”, as if “carrying a shield”.

The moment William got the question, he broke eye contact with the reporter and relaxed his body. According to Rosas, the way William was able to ignore the question without giving any hints about his feelings about Andrew probably took a lot of practice.

Meanwhile, his wife, Kate Middleton, who was also present at the event, subtly came between William and the reporter. Rosas praised the couple for their “synchronization” in the face of an uncomfortable situation.

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