KOTA KINABALU: Police are looking here for the man responsible for a video recording in which he is seen laying charges against the politician related to the alleged sexual harassment of an Unduk Ngadau contest participant.

Sabah Datuk Hazani Ghazali Police Commissioner (Photo) said they wanted to call the man, known as “Dave” in the video and considered an outsider, as they wanted details of what he said in the clip.

When asked if they knew Dave’s whereabouts, as he would be in hiding because he was allegedly afraid of the politician, Hazani said “we are hunting him”.

Dave is also believed to have been in Sabah for too long since he lost his job during the pandemic last year and had a part-time job with the politician.

In the 40-plus minute video posted to social media, Dave explains how the politician made obscene jokes on a daily basis and ashamed women.

He also claims that the politician is manipulative and narcissistic.

Dave says that although he did not witness what allegedly happened in the vehicle where the competitor was allegedly harassed, he was present on several occasions when the politician spoke about women in a sexual manner.

He speaks mainly from his perspective and personal experiences while working for the politician for two months.

Dave, who has a YouTube channel under the name “Orang Putih Kita” (“Our White Man”), and was previously active in promoting places of interest and food in Sabah, also urges victims and witnesses to come forward for justice to be done. in that case.

In a report filed on May 21, the contestant claimed the politician asked him to follow him in his car for dinner after a photoshoot at a wedding house in Asia City here on May 19.

She alleged that inside her vehicle, the man rubbed her thighs, neck and hands even though she tried to stop him.

She said she was taken to the man’s old office where he continued to harass her despite her protests.

A second police report was also recently filed against the same politician by a security guard at the Hongkod Koisaan Cultural Hall in Penampang, claiming that the politician used physical force against him during an argument.

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