Lake District rescue personnel responded to reports of two boats in distress on Sebago Lake on Sunday afternoon as a rapid rainstorm, packing powerful winds, whipped 3-foot waves across the lake. .

Raymond Fire Chief Bruce Tupper said the crew of the town’s Marine 1 boat responded around 2 p.m. to the report of a pontoon boat taking on water. He said the boat was not taking on water, but the three people on board were concerned that the big waves could submerge their boat. As the winds calmed down, Tupper said operators were able to park safely in a cove, where members of the town’s lifeboat met them and escorted them to shore.

Tupper said the brief windstorm knocked waves over Sebago that were 2-3 feet tall.

In another incident at Casco, a kayak overturned Sunday afternoon near an island off Point Sebago. The Lakes Region Fire and Rescue Service tweeted that another kayaker was able to tow the stranded kayaker to the island. Point Sebago sent a boat to pick up the kayaker.


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