A Dallas County jury showed surveillance footage of an accused serial killer the day prosecutors said he committed murder.

Billy Chemirmir is accused of killing 18 elderly people. All but one of the victims were women.

He is currently only on trial for the murder of Lu Harris, 81.

Surveillance video from a Dallas Walmart store shows Billy Chemirmir leaving around the same time as the victim.

In court on Wednesday, jurors were shown surveillance video of Harris leaving a Walmart store on March 20, 2018. The video also shows Chemirmir leaving the store around the same time.

Prosecutors argued that he then went to her home in far north Dallas, suffocated her with a pillow and stole her jewelry box.

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The store’s CCTV store shows Lu Harris leaving about a minute after the suspect.

Defense attorneys pointed out to jurors that the video showed Harris leaving the store and leaving the parking lot several minutes after Chemimir rather than before. There is no evidence that they ever communicated.

Earlier in the trial, a Plano police sergeant said he and other officers investigated Chemirmir in connection with the assault on another elderly woman whose jewelry was stolen after being nearly suffocated in dead.

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A Dallas Police Detective questions Billy Chemirmir after his arrest for the murder of Lu Harris, 81.

Plano agents arrested him after seeing him throw a jewelry box into the dumpster outside his apartment.

On Wednesday, jurors watched a video of Chemirmir being questioned about the jewelry box after his arrest.

He told the detective that he mainly buys and sells jewelry online for work. He said at one point that he used to “take care of the elderly”.

Chemirmir denied going to Harris and claimed he bought the jewelry box from a man he met online. He didn’t know the man’s name.

Billy Chemirmir takes notes during his capital murder trial for the death of Lu Harris, 81.

He said he threw the box away because he didn’t want it and continued to deny any contact with it.

If convicted of capital murder, Chemirmir could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors are not asking for the death penalty in this case.

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