Costume designer jenn rogien had even more responsibilities working on the second season of “Russian Doll”. With the season’s focus on time travel, with stops in the ’40s, ’60s and ’80s, the costume designer was faced with the challenge of finding period-specific clothing without accidentally mixing anything up. “It was the best of both worlds where, creatively, there were familiar elements, but there were a lot of new things to build or create or accomplish,” Rogien explains in an exclusive new online chat. for Gold Derby. “It kept me on my toes.” Watch the video interview above.

Diving into those bygone eras, Rogien admittedly worried about how some vintage costumes would hold up, even those from the ’80s. “Fabrics dry out, skins dry out, sometimes they can crumble on you,” he notes. -she. Luckily, they didn’t run into any major problems there, and Rogien was lucky enough to bring in crew members from the Netflix series “Halston” to help them out in ’60s clothing. got a real insider tip at some big vintage suppliers,” adds Rogien, especially to style Alan’s (Charlie Barnett) grandmother, whom he lives in in the 60s.

For Nadia (Natacha Lyonne), the series’ protagonist, Rogien wanted a signature look similar to her Season 1 appearance while trying out new things, like the black coat with gold buttons. “It was really important that she still look like Nadia,” says Rogien, who made the character look like an authentic New Yorker. “We wanted to keep all of these elements cohesive and then layer new pieces like a real closet. Time and past for the character as for the series.”

Rogien won an Emmy for her work on the first season of “Russian Doll,” a pivotal moment in the costume designer’s career. As she points out, she won the award with Melissa Stantonwho was retiring that year, and Charlotte Svenson, who was in her first television job as an assistant designer, which made the award all the more significant. “It made me feel like the work was really seen, and that even for a show with somewhat limited costumes – and there are only a few changes in Season 1 – it was really a huge compliments for the team.”

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