CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — A man was arrested last month after firing multiple shots at a CATS bus on Nations Ford Road and Huntsmoor Drive.

Jason Wright, 37, fired at least four shots at the bus in the early morning hours of May 18. Now the video of what happened and the moments leading up to the shooting has been released.

The video shows Wright and the bus driver arguing, with the gunfire starting as soon as the driver left him at the bus stop.

This particular incident came two months after Ethan Rivera was shot and killed while driving a CATS bus on February 11. He was murdered after his killer displayed a fit of road rage.

“You have a situation where it’s an overnight incident and the drivers are worried about their safety and they just want to get home,” attorney Ken Harris said after seeing the newly released video. “And sometimes those circumstances cause them to react in a certain way.”

No one was injured in the May 18 incident, but Harris remains concerned.

“When you combine them [the two incidents] what you get is a trend,” he said. “And that’s a trend that needs to be slowed down or stopped.”

Possible solutions suggested by Harris include public education programs and additional guidance for drivers.

“We don’t want to find another incident where another CATS bus driver gets shot,” he said.

WBTV contacted CATS, but did not receive a statement Friday evening.

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