SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A viral video of a heated conversation in a Sacramento hotel pool grabs the attention of celebrities and sparks conversations about how to talk to your kids.

CBS13 video first reported on Tuesday shows the aftermath of what happened after a group of women allegedly asked a same-sex couple to stop kissing in front of their children.

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Alex Sanchez, director of advocacy and training at the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, believes the video highlights a double standard when it comes to LGBTQ and heterosexual relationships.

To kick off those conversations about youth inclusion, Sanchez says it’s all about compassion and understanding.

“Being transgender, being a Latinx woman, I always have that in mind, am I safe here? Sanchez said.

The video reinforces the fears and hesitations Sanchez faces every day.

“Sometimes I just want to hold my partner’s hand, but I don’t always feel comfortable because I don’t want to expose ourselves to violence,” she said.

The now viral video has attracted the attention of more than 100,000 people, including celebrities like actress Kathy Griffin. The woman at the center of the group’s frustration, Domonique Veasley, told CBS13 that the meeting surprised her at first.

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“My initial reaction for the kids was ‘Oh yeah’ and then I was like ‘You’re asking me to stop being me,'” Veasley explained.

Sanchez explained that the best way to educate your kids about the LGBTQ community is to start with basic conversations.

“You can have conversations with your kids by saying, ‘How did you feel when you saw two people of the same sex kissing? “It can lead to bigger conversations about kindness to others,” she said. “When you talk to younger children, you can talk to them in a general way and say, ‘Some families have two mothers, some families have two fathers, some families have only one mother or one father and so on. ‘is OK “. Families are different across the spectrum.

Sanchez of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center trains businesses and school staff in inclusion practices. She suggests age-appropriate conversations leading to a more in-depth discussion after the age of 10.

“We want to create a kinder, more empathetic society for people across the spectrum, so conversations like this are a great place to see where they’re at and maybe teach some concepts about how people are. different and what the world is like… to different people, ”Sanchez explained.

These conversations, according to Sanchez, are vital to protecting marginalized communities.

“Hate crimes continue to increase for more marginalized communities and I think if we don’t have these conversations with our children, we are contributing to the way people hurt each other,” she said.

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June is Pride Month and the community center has a number of events where you can learn more about the LGBTQ community.

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