Taking care of your coat is actually not that difficult – the most important lesson we can give you is to just be gentle and kind. Since your acid mantle occurs naturally, you don’t have to do anything proactive to encourage its formation.

Instead, just pay attention to the cleansers you use: make sure they’re not too stripping (hint: your skin should never be “tight” after washing; just clean, hydrated, and refreshed). You can also reassess how often you wash your face. Perhaps just as damaging as a harsh cleanser on the face or body is washing more than necessary. A good rule of thumb is to always wash your face before bed, but the rest depends on your skin’s needs. As for the body, here are our guidelines for frequency of showers.

Regarding the abuse of exfoliators and potent products: “The most important piece of advice is ‘less is more’. You want to exfoliate just enough to increase cell turnover and reveal fresh new skin, ”says Ife Rodney, MD, certified dermatologist and founder of Eternal dermatology. “But make sure you don’t scratch or damage your skin by using too much of these devices or products.”

You can also use moisturizers to your advantage by using products formulated with ingredients that support the barrier, respect the biome, and balance the pH. Look for things like ceramides, vegetable oils, antioxidants, shea butter, as well as pre-, pro- and postbiotics.

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