The X-Men are easily one of the most famous superhero teams in comic book history, made up of many members, sub-teams, and alternate versions. And yet, despite the diversity of their membership, the X-Men still have great costumes that showcase their unique personalities while making them immediately identifiable as a team.

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Some of these costumes are striking and effective because of their cool and attractive aesthetic appeal. Others stand out for their functionality and practical design. And some are awesome because of the way they visually communicate the character’s personality or story.

ten Cable

cable recharged cartoon blanket

As a time traveler, Cable’s costume must have a futuristic yet timeless look. The dark colors and the use of metal throughout give it the aesthetic of someone who has seen the apocalyptic future and worked their way through it. While he’s had some of the strangest costumes from the X-Men comics at times, his typical look is intimidating and down-to-earth.

The practicality of its design adds to the appeal of Cable’s costume. With bullet holsters over his shoulder, holsters to hold multiple guns, and a sleeveless shirt for greater range of motion, Cable’s costume is functional besides looking cool and futuristic.

9 Cyclops

Cyclops shooting his beam in X-Men.

The minimalist Cyclops costume fits perfectly with the personality of the pragmatic leader. He’s not a flashy character and so it makes sense that his costume is simple yet striking. Pairing the blue base with the yellow border is a cool look that makes the colors stand out.

As a founding member and leader of the X-Men, it is symbolically significant that he wears the team logo on his heart. With just a few elements, the Cyclops costume instantly communicates that he cares deeply about the team and demonstrates why he’s the best leader the X-Men have ever had.

8 Bishop

Bishop X-Men

Bishop is one of the most underrated X-Men in comics, and his costume contributes to his sympathy. With color choices and a few minor design cues, Bishop’s costume communicates the character’s journey. As someone who traveled from the future to join the X-Men, Bishop’s sleek suit with a modern design indicates that he is from a different era than the other X-Men.

However, the blue and yellow color pattern is reminiscent of the costumes of Cyclops and other characters, which clearly means he’s part of the team. Besides looking cool, the costume also tells the story of the character. Like Cable, Bishop saw the apocalyptic future of the X-Men and lived to try to prevent it from happening.

7 Somnambulist

X-Men Nightcrawler

As a quick and stealthy character, Nightcrawler often uses shadows to his strategic advantage, and the dark color pattern of his costume helps him blend in with a darker environment. But beyond giving him a tactile advantage, his costume also hints at his character, who is much more complex than initial appearances suggest.

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Nightcrawler’s Catholic faith is a defining aspect of his character, and his faith is often juxtaposed with his demonic appearance when judged by others. The red and black of his costume can be interpreted as devilish and scary, but actually reflects more of his circus background and his personality as a fun performer.

6 Thug

X-Men Rogue Blue Team

Rogue’s costume, like her personality, stands out with the perfect balance between uniform and individuality as she wears a colorful bodysuit similar to those of her other teammates, but makes the look her own by also wearing a stylish bomber jacket by over his costume.

The costume allows him to identify with the team while remaining true to his personality. The bodysuit also has a functional purpose as its matching gloves prevent it from accidentally absorbing the memories and abilities of anyone it touches, which it has done in the past to heroes like Thor and the original. Ms. Marvel.

5 Colossus

Wolverine stabs the Colossus

With the ability to turn his entire body into metal, Colossus arguably doesn’t need a lot of costume, as his silvery skin could be a cool design on its own. However, he also wears a classic red and yellow look suit which adds color to his chrome appearance.

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The costume is very reminiscent of the classic Nightcrawler and Wolverine costumes, clearly identifying it as a member of the All-New, All-Different team. The red and yellow color scheme also evokes ties to its home country, Russia, with red being one of the colors of the Russian flag. It’s a simple yet cool look that connects him to the other X-Men while also hinting at his past.

4 Storm

Coverage of all X-Men Storm costumes

Storm has often been described as a strong, confident character with natural leadership abilities. So it makes sense that her costume is bold and confident enough. Although she has had several different looks over the years, her costumes generally have a powerful and flowing look.

His 1990’s silver and gold costume in particular is remarkable. The costume has an elegant design and the gold trim connects it to other X-Men costumes. Plus, the whole unfolding of the costume evokes his wind control powers as it almost seems inspired by a tornado.

3 Gambit

Gambit X-Men

Gambit’s costume and headgear clearly matches the expectations of a superhero costume, with all the opulence complementing its grand personality perfectly. The addition of the trench coat helps make the costume unique and also communicates its gambling and card shark background.

Additionally, Gambit’s look is similar but distinct from Rogue’s costume, as both wear a brown jacket over their bodysuits. Since the two have one of the best and most unexpected romances in the X-Men comics, their complementary costumes are a sweet connection between them.

2 dead Pool

Some costumes work just because they look cool, and the Deadpool costume is undeniably cool. The black and red color pattern and texture of her costume make her look classy and elegant, often enhanced by the addition of cases for swords and rifles.

His costume also looks like iconic characters with cool costumes like Spider-Man and Deathstroke. Its design perfectly blends the appearance of a superhero and a ninja, while giving an original touch to the look with unique expressive eyes. The result is a unique combination of intimidating and comedic, as Deadpool’s costume is flexible enough for performers to interpret Wade Wilson’s chaotic personality however they want.

1 Wolverine

Wolverine fights Conan.

Wolverine is arguably the most iconic member of the X-Men and his iconic look makes him instantly recognizable. The bold color pattern instantly communicates the character’s brash confidence. His pointed mask gives him an animal look that perfectly matches his aggressive personality.

The cut between his shoulder pads and gloves also shows the muscles and air that covers his arms, adding to his toughness and animalism. Wolverine’s costume design is the perfect combination of cool and revealing of his gruff personality, making him the best superhero costume in the X-Men comics.

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